Sunday, May 11, 2014

Time of year to play lotteries

It would seem during the warmer months, since more people are out, more are also playing the lotteries. In the colder times of the year, with less people out, lesser people are playing. This will effect the jackpots.

If you do win a jackpot in any game in the warmer months, there is a higher chance that you will wind up sharing the prize money with others. This won't effect bigger jackpots in the millions though very much, since you would still be getting a lot of money even if you have to share the top prize with other winners. But the lower jackpots under $100,000, if won by several winners, may get you far less money.

Note though that in the lottery games where the jackpot carries over each drawing if nobody wins, it may be helpful for more people to be playing so the jackpot will grow larger when nobody wins for several drawings. Money from ticket sales as the jackpot gets higher may also increase the jackpot prize.